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elow with some initial recommendations.

You are welcome to schedule an intro chat with Annika, a mother of three who found out how to combine her career as a leader in the corporate world with being a mother and an author. In that talk you can tell her what you want to achieve when it comes to time management and Annika can describe if and how she can help you.





You Chase Time

You know what time management is, but you have not found a way to successfully apply it.

You still chase time.

Once you learn how to dance with it, everything will change. 

You are busy being busy. 

No matter how hard you try, time is always ahead of you. 

You never catch up, even if you know some time management principles. 

Applying them, and applying them to your life situation is difficult. 

Stop rushing. 

Decide that enough is enough. 

You are not going to chase time anymore. 

You are going to take control of it. 

If you book a call with me we can discuss how I can help you take back the control and stop chasing time. 

I am looking forward to talking to you. 

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