Perfect Timing for your natural rhythm

With this video and the included tool you will increase your efficiency, productivity, and happiness by finding a perfect timing that suits you.

We will match your “Chronotype” with the tasks you do and the time of day you do them.

Together we will see what a “perfect day” would look like for you and then see how you can tweak your typical day to come closer to it.

In this masterclass, you will learn...

  • Your chronotype. Are you a Lark, a Third bird or an Owl?
  • When naps and breaks benefit you, and when they don’t.
  • How you can make the most of your day by fitting the type of task to the time of day


Your tool and the presentation

Please download this tool so and use it by following the guidance in the video!
>>> link to pdf <<<

You are welcome to download the presentation (pdf format)

>>> Link to presentation <<<