There is enough time in your life for all that is important to you. Let me help you find it.

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Principle 1: Why you let others steal your time 

Principle 1 describes Why you let others steal your time. And how you can stop that from happening. 

  •  What you don’t value you don’t protect. Value your time, value yourself.
  • It’s not what you do, it’s who you are. Give others the best of you, not the rest of you.

Once you understand and apply principle 1, time will no longer be stolen from you or wasted by you.


Semida profile
Semida Mother, teacher and translator
After the Holistic Time Management program I don't feel guilty anymore. I accept things more easily. I am more aware now of different categories of time and the fact that if I don't look after myself, my glass will be full of waste time and no energy. I want to appreciate Annika for her willingness to help beyond the business she runs. Annika is a " hero" because she helps people change their lives every day, become better and find happiness.
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Li Yen Mother and MD
Annika is a great teacher and mentor. She is very patient and a great listener. She helped identify areas I could work on, gave me bite-size practical advice to work on and checked back on my progress. She helped me feel in control of my time in this hectic world. I highly recommend Annika and her time finder package!
Pauline profile picture
Pauline Mother and Quality Manager
The program has helped me in so many ways, from the types of time to the business cases concept. I can prioritise better, I can say NO easily if I don't want to do something or if it's not a valuable use of my time. I think it was the most valuable time spent possibly in my life. I loved the course, thank you so much Annika.
Principle 2: Time management is more than tools and techniques 

Principle 2 explains why you are struggling with managing your time, even if you have used different techniques and tools.  It also describes what is missing and how to add it.

  • Time management is straight forward – Life is not. That’s why tools and techniques are not enough to manage all your spheres of life.
  • First things first. First appreciate and deal with the complexity – then apply time management tools and techniques.

Once you understand and apply principle 2, you know how to add the missing piece to your time management.


Evelien profile picture
Evelien Co-founder BioMonkie
I finally have gotten over my bad habit: procrastinating. I have gained more self esteem and now I can't wait to start my day! On time! And if I don't, I still feel confident that it's not all lost but that I will pick it up next time. The Timefinder is a kickstart for designing my future the way I believe God want's me to be and do. Thank you!!! Best investment I have done for a while.
Nereida profile image
Nereida Waldorff teacher
I feel more balanced, and in charge of my time, and less overwhelmed. Thank you!! I love it !! Thank you for your hard work, commitment and dedication, you've been very inspiring!
Anne profile picture
Anne Auntie, Business owner and Coach with expertise in natural health
Annika has created a richly empowering approach to addressing the many, often confusing and conflicting, demands of modern women. I could not have imagined beforehand how Annika would have helped me unravel lifelong conflicts thus putting me in touch with the best of myself. With every session, she fully engaged her mastery in guiding me to see what I, myself, most highly value and break free from what I nebulously felt was expected of me. Then, she guided me to get on track and up to speed where I want to go and, most important, how I want to be in life. What liberation! Thank you, Annika.
Principle 3: With Holistic Time management everything falls into place

Principle 3 explains that the secret to finding more time, is to deal with what is really limiting you. (No, it’s not just lack of time!)

  • We all have time – but we cannot use it well if we don’t have the energy. Increase your energy so you can make the most of the time you have.
  • If you don’t know what you want from life, it doesn’t matter how much time or energy you have. Find your passions back – find yourself back.

Once you understand and apply principle 3, you are ready for optimizing how you use your time.



Mandy profile image
Mandy Mother, Graphic designer, illustrator and manager of Baby in Red.
I really want to share that this course helped me a lot and I really like how you lead people onto the right "path" instead of pushing or pulling them. I also find it very admiring how you can cope with so many different personalities.
Jyoti profile image
Jyoti HR administration and stand-up comedian
I am now subconsciously managing my time which shows to me that the behaviour has become almost like second nature to me. I have been able to fit in more evening activities to progress my life outside of work and actually work on my hobbies to potentially develop them into another profession!
Debbie profile picture
Debbie Mother and Hazard communication specialist
This program made me more focused and less emotional. I loved watching the videos, it was always with a good atmosphere. This course was good value for money!
Principle 4: How to fill your glass of time

Principle 4 explains how you can fill your glass of time in a way that is both sustainable and efficient

  • Plan time for your needs, your wants and all the things you could do. In that order. Then you will never run out of time for the things that really matter. 
  • With the categories of time in balance, you will have energy and passion to live the life you were meant to live.

4 Principles.

Master them to master your time.  


Rani profile picture
Rani Mother and civil servant
The basic needs of sleep, eat and move had the biggest impact on me. I feel I have a new lease of life. I love how patient you are and you have a nice presence that has a massive positive impact on the people taking the course.
Helen profile picture
Helen Product manager
Changes I have implemented as a result of this program have had a very positive impact on my life. The group discussions were a major asset to the program, learning from the experiences of others and including their practices in my life greatly helped with my time management skills and in turn increased my energy to enjoy more activities in my personal life improving my relationships which I am truly thankful for. I feel I am in control of my time, I am making conscious effort not to allow others eat my time, my skills at delegating have improved and I no longer feel guilty about it.
Elica profile
Elica Mother and Physiotherapist
I would say that the initial one to one call impressed me as it felt very personal. I could feel the care and Annika was amazing by quickly identifying the areas I struggle with as well as giving me feedback. The modules are presented in digestible size and very well explained. The key was the homework I needed to do, which gave me those aha moments. The group calls once a week was another aspect of the program that I enjoyed. Learning from other people’s insights and having the skillful coaching from Annika reaffirmed my initial thoughts. I’m able to manage my time, my energy and clearly identify what I need to do and what I can delegate. It is the best decision I have made- I felt supported and listened to.

If you liked the principles, you will love the Timefinder Academy

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Jenni profile picture
Jenni Mother, Marketing Consultant and Owner of The Equine Business Assistant
For the first time I am in control. It is a wonderful feeling actually. I am able to master my own time and not being pressured into others eating it! The program lead to mega changes. I have time now, I no longer feel I chase my tail!
Tajana profile picture
Tajana Teacher and engineer
My life has changed significantly - looking back right now I don't really understand how I was even able to go about my life without any kind of plan or concept, just doing things willy-nilly as they came along :)) So my life has changed in the way that I have included much more activities in my daily routines. I'm not constantly unhappy because everything seems to be out of my control, I actually feel confident and safe, because I know what I'm doing now.
Nadia profile picture
Nadia Mother and Research Scientist
I feel more like that I am in control of my time instead of feeling that time is controlling my life. Time is there, we just need to grab it. This course made me happier. For this I am very grateful.

About Annika

Annika talking on the phone

Annika Rosendahl is a Storyteller, a Speaker and a Timefinder. 

Her company Annikaslol helps working mums love their lives by managing their time. 

Annika has 20+ years of experience as a leader in the corporate world; she is a published author and a mother of 3 lovely children. Her credentials include Master of Science in Electrotechnical Engineering, Project Management Professional and Robbins-Madanes trained Life coach. 

She is a Creative, Caring, Closer, combining her analytical- and people skills with a strong ability to “get things done”. 

Annika’s clients don’t only learn how to manage their time. They also become happier. 

With her work in Annikaslol, Annika wants to make the world a kinder and more understanding place. A place where people enjoy the lives they live. 


Becky profile picture
Becky Founder and owner Mallorca Solutions & Properties by Mallorca Solutions
I am more grateful with time and life, I don’t try to pack my day as much and leave time to include personal goals. You are such a lovely person Annika, so great to talk to. Whenever we talk I get an injection of energy!
Alessia profile picture
Alessia Conservative restorer officer
My life has changed: I do not feel guilty any longer if I take time for me to rest, to take a walk. I know that this time is useful for being better & more productive when I work. My main take away of the program is the "glass": dividing the needs from the wants, shoulds & waste has helped me to define priorities & enjoy my need/wants time, stopping to see them as a waste of time or trying to shorten it.
Merle profile picture
Merle Mother, Innovation advisor and facilitator
I feel more empowered to do what I really want to do in life. I make better choices. I really like how personal and collective the programme is. I felt supported by you and the others during the programme.


Rekha profile picture
Rekha IT consultant and photographer
I really enjoyed the program. Now I can clearly see where my time is used. I know I’m the controller of my time and how to manage situations when I need to make my time a priority without offending anyone.
Malene profile image
Malene Mother and senior manager
The group sessions opened my eyes to not being the only one struggling. My way of looking at time has improved and the four categories of time was a big take away.
Marta profile picture
Marta Mother and real estate agent
The Timefinder package made me rethink my use of time and see some patterns of activities. And thanks to that, I´ve added some routines which really help me having more energy. After thinking and talking things through with Annika, I have started finding solutions to several problems. I admitted I need some more time for myself and found a babysitter.


Tina profile picture
Tina Mother and head of HR
One of my biggest take aways was the business case or lack of it for how I spend my time. When you stand back and evaluate your choices rationally and see the impact that those choices are having against the picture of your life that you want to create and experience - the mirror that you hold up can be a tad ugly. The program increased my confidence, my support network and my ambition! You can have it all, it just has to be planned!
Leena profile image
Leena Mother and director of Inspire tuition
The Holistic Time Management program has added value to my life, as I enjoy my relationships more because I understand that I have time. Being organised, planning and feeling in control of how you spend your time is helping reducing stress levels. I like how the program includes all aspects of life and not just work as other programs do.
Marie profile picture
Marie Mother and social worker
I feel that I have more control over my time. It was a relief that the guilt was removed when we learned that waste time is due to lack of energy. I had an aha moment when I realized there are no musts. I actually want to do it!


Katarina profile picture
Katarina Mother, choreographer and performer.
Holistic time management suits me as a program, because it goes along with my philosophy and how I am managing my life. My work is very connected to my personal life, so everything is influencing everything as it is in holistic time management. I got more conscious of how things really are. I am taking care of myself in the first place and I see that the environment around me got calmer and clearer.
Profile picture from homepage englishwithshona
Shona Owner of English with Shona
After the Masterclass I am more conscious of how to manage my emotions related to my time management. I have learnt useful tools for making decisions about using my time and having a more peaceful relationship with time. I feel it has been value for money - a lot of personalized, kind attention. It has been lovely to meet you Annika and Alexandra too. Congratulations on creating a wonderful resource!! :-)
Testimonial picture, profile whats app
Agnes Mother and owner of CrimsonQueens, an appreciated online vintage dress- and deco jewellery shop.
The Timefinder package made me more confident and gave me a lot of useful tips. The webinars were good and I liked the personal sessions so much I wish they could have been longer. I am so happy I found you on Facebook! You are a very organised and helpful person. It helped me a lot, knowing I could always ask you on What’s App and I would get an answer to my question!


Manuel profile picture
Manuel Provencal Operasinger and voice trainer
Annika knows where to find time where it seems there is not. She even knows how to find motivation where there is not. She is open and compassionate and asks really powerful questions to find out what is the root of the problem. She is the go to if someone needs help to achieve the goals he or she wants to achieve.