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Books, documents, and planners

Learn Holistic Time Management with the documents you will receive in your inbox. 

Apply the learnings immediately in the Holistic Time Management planner.

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How to plan your week - and stick to your plan

Learn how to plan your week in a way that balances your needs, wants and coulds

Teach me Weekly planning!

How to stay on track and away from overwhelm

Learn how to plan your day with focus on wanted outcomes rather than long lists of “To-dos”

Teach me Daily planning!

How to avoid collisions and last-minute rush

Learn how to plan your month without getting stuck in unnecessary details

Teach me monthly planning





Online courses

Holistic Time Management

This is our core online course. It has helped many working mums (and dads and aunts…) and we hope it will help you too!

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Sharing the work at home

If you, like many others, spend more time than you want on household chores, and it has become an area of frustration and arguments between you and your partner, I recommend the Share the work at home lovingly and efficiently course. It is so liberating to find a good way to handle this!

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Welcome to Masterclasses that help you use your time better!

If you want to learn how to handle specific areas, the Masterclasses will be great for you.

Each Masterclass includes an instructional video and a tool you can fill in to reach your personal wanted outcome.

NOTE: the Masterclasses are included in the Timefinder Academy subscription along with more than 30 recorded webinars. If you are more interested in that offer, read about it here.

Masterclass - Holistic Decision Making

Learn how to make any type of decision, be it a simple, complicated or complex one, with the help of this Masterclass!

Holistic Decision making will help you uncover the real reasons we hesitate when making decisions and you will learn how to avoid the typical traps.   

The best way to learn from this Masterclass is to think about a decision you have been pondering for a while and use the guidance in the video as you fill in the tool.  After you have used this product you will have made your decision - and you will feel good about your choice! 

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Masterclass - Perfect Timing for your natural rhythm

Learn how to increase your efficiency, productivity and happiness by defining the perfect timing for your natural rhythm!

The best way to learn from this Masterclass is to download the included tool and fill it in while you follow the instructions in the video.

In this Masterclass you will learn...

  • Your chronotype. Are you a Lark, a Third bird or an Owl?
  • When naps and breaks benefit you, and when they don’t.
  • How you can make the most of your day by fitting the type of task to the time of day

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