Workshops and Leadership training

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Workshops, Trainings and Coaching for Teams and Leaders to grow from the inside out.

With a combination of result focus and life coaching, our trainings stand out from the crowd.

Let's talk about how we can adapt our trainings to suit your specific needs. 

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Magdalena AstraZeneca
I have become much more aware of habits that prevent optimal time-management, efficiency, and well-being. I have started changing some of these habits with resulting lower stress and better organization. Because of this, I've had more time to reflect on my leadership and management skills, and how I approach and interact with team members and other colleagues.
Gunilla AstraZeneca
The training has helped me feel more confident in my role as team manager and it has given me concrete tips on how to manage different situations.
Lisa AstraZeneca
Thanks to this training I think more about my future and opportunities, not so much about the frustrations.


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Are your teams delivering and continuously growing? And, are they having FUN?

Annika’s extensive experience as a task force leader, project and program manager and line manager shows that all of the above is related. Teams who are not having fun will eventually stop growing and delivering. 

Annikaslol offers workshops for teams who want to find how they can combine the high demands of productivity with well being and creativity. 

The workshops are suitable for development teams as well as for leadership teams.

Let’s put together a workshop that will bring you, your team and your company forward. 

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Strengthening leaders from the inside out

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 “All bad behaviour comes from insecurity”

Jack Prantsky

When leaders feel strong and secure they lead with empathy and strength; creating a ripple effect of clarity and certainty in the whole company. 

The Strengthen yourself – strengthen your leadership training is designed to strengthen participants of all personalities and experience levels. 

Knowing without doing, is the same as not knowing

The training includes theory and practice to ensure the training leads to lasting change. It has both a group dimension and an individual part to benefit from the power of the group as well as providing the necessary individual support to cater for different personalities and levels of experience. 

Customizing to your needs

The program includes seminars (webinars) about a range of concepts that are important, but rarely taught, to leaders. When we talk about your specific needs the concepts can be adapted and complemented with topics of special interest for your business. 

The strength of the program is the individual coaching.

Do you have leaders who have taken all leadership trainings you normally offer? Then this training will still be beneficial since individual, executive coaching is included.

Do you have young talents who have not yet built experience or attended that many leadership courses? They can join the same training as the experienced leaders since the coaching will take them from wherever they are to where they want to be, regardless of starting level. 

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Course participant AstraZeneca
This course has made me talk to my inner child with a better language. I am also trying to get into the driver seat!
Leena Inspire Tuition
Being organised, planning and feeling in control of how you spend your time is helping reducing stress levels. I like how the program includes all aspects of life and not just work as other programs do.
Course participant AstraZeneca
I am able to change my mindset. I have had several "aha" moments and many good reflections. I am more visible in my department and I am more aware of what I can do/change for getting the visibility. Just talking with you about the problems/difficulties has made it easier to se how to manage them in a better and a more constructive way.

Let's talk about how we can strengthen your leaders

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