Strength-based Leadership Development

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We know you have selected great people to lead your company. 

With us, each leader builds on their strengths and finds their own, unique leadership style

Say "Goodbye" to disillusioned or stressed out leaders on auto-pilot.

Say "Welcome" to confident, passionate leaders who enjoy leading themselves and others.

We will be happy to tailor our workshops, trainings and coaching to suit your needs. 

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What our participants say

Magdalena "Lower stress, better organization" AstraZeneca
I have become much more aware of habits that prevent optimal time-management, efficiency, and well-being. I have started changing some of these habits with resulting lower stress and better organization.
Pauline "Most valuable time spent in my life" Rangeland Foods
The program has helped me in so many ways, from the types of time to the business cases concept. I can prioritise better; I can say NO easily if I don't want to do something or if it's not a valuable use of my time. I think it was the most valuable time spent possibly in my life. I loved the course, thank you so much Annika.
Lisa "More opportunities, less frustration" AstraZeneca
Thanks to this training I think more about my future and opportunities, not so much about the frustrations.


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Teams who are not having fun will eventually stop growing and delivering.

Leaders who barely manage the day to day operations will have no or little time and ability to truly lead people and companies. 

We can help!

We offer workshops tailored to your needs on the following topics: 

  • How to enjoy building and inspiring high performing teams

  • How to find the time to truly lead

  • Change Management with a Human Touch

The workshops are suitable for development teams as well as for leadership teams.

They can be done for half- or full days. These topics are also available in the form of 1 hour seminars. 

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What our participants say

Gunilla "More confident as team manager" AstraZeneca
The training has helped me feel more confident in my role as team manager and it has given me concrete tips on how to manage different situations.
Leena "Reduced stress, all aspects of life" Inspire Tuition
Being organised, planning and feeling in control of how you spend your time is helping reducing stress levels. I like how the program includes all aspects of life and not just work as other programs do.
Harald "This should be offered to everyone" AstraZeneca
This is a great program that should be offered to everyone who are motivated enough to spend the time - and those who don't think they have the time are probably those who would need the program the most…

Trainings that strengthen leaders from the inside out

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All our leadership trainings focus on the unique strength of each individual.

Our intention is to bring out the best of each leader with a combination of seminars, material for self-study and coaching. 

Thanks to the individual coaching, our training is valuable for all experience levels and personality types. 

  • Strengthen yourself, strengthen your leadership. 
    • A comprehensive program with monthly group seminars on important but rarely taught topics that increase the understanding of yourself and the people you lead. The training also includes individual coaching, making it a perfect training for all experience levels.
    • Group size 10-20. 
  • Holistic Time Management for Leaders
    • A program that helps leaders become masters of their time rather than experiencing stress and a chronic lack of time. The training includes self-study, group coaching and individual coaching.
    • Group size 4-7.
  • Define, develop and challenge your unique leadership style 
    • A program for leaders who have attended at least one of the above courses. This training is for leaders who are ready to take a leap forward. Each participant will define their own leadership style and will, among other things, learn how to influence with their voice. This training also includes the implementation of a selected assignment.
    • Group size 4-7.

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What our participants say

Christel "In a much better position" AstraZeneca
I have gained insights, received support from others and had time for reflecting. It has put me in a much better position.
Jenni "Led to mega changes" The Equine business assistant
For the first time I am in control. It is a wonderful feeling actually. I am able to master my own time and not being pressured into others eating it! The program lead to mega changes. I have time now, I no longer feel I chase my tail!
Eva "would love a continuation" AstraZeneca
The size of the group was perfect, loved the dynamic and sharing!! I think this has been extra important during the pandemic when we work from home and don't have a natural way to interact with colleagues. It will feel "empty" when the program has finished - would love to attend a continuation.
 All bad behaviour comes from insecurity

When leaders feel strong and secure they lead with empathy and strength; creating a ripple effect of clarity and certainty in the whole company. Our trainings are designed to strengthen participants of all personalities and experience levels. 

Knowing without doing, is the same as not knowing

Each of our trainings include both theory and practice to ensure it leads to lasting change.  

Customizing to your needs

Each training will be tailored to your needs, to ensure we focus on the values of your company, the situation of your leaders and your specific strategic goals.

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What our participants say

Stina "Helped me take control" AstraZeneca
This training has helped me to reflect and take control on how I want to use my time both for work and free-time. What gives energy and what takes energy? What should I do less of and what should I do more of to feel good, not just for the moment but for the rest of my life.
Becky "More grateful with time and life" Mallorca Solutions
I am more grateful with time and life, I don’t try to pack my day as much and leave time to include personal goals. You are such a lovely person Annika, so great to talk to. Whenever we talk I get an injection of energy!
Per "Contributed to winning award" AstraZeneca
Thanks to this training I found a solution to a task that seemed impossible to finish in the short time-frame. I remembered what Annika had said about taking a step back and then find a solution. As a result we won a prestigious award for the company.

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