Inspiring, Interactive and Insightful seminars and trainings

Move yourself, your colleagues and your company forward with speaking engagements and trainings that strengthen teams and leaders from the inside out

Annikaslol has provided seminars and/or training to companies like Astra Zeneca, Ericsson, Rangeland Foods, Sigma technologies, Volvo Car Company and Zenuity. 

Annika, founder of Annikaslol, is also a keynote speaker and has spoken at Conferences like Passion for projects and at Company events like the Budbee launch in the Netherlands. 

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Annikaslol Speaker

Seminars, webinars and key note speeches in English or Swedish for small and large groups.

If you want hearts to be touched and minds to be opened, contact us to tailor your speaking engagement.  

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Annikaslol Trainer

Workshops, Trainings and Coaching for Teams and Leaders to grow from the inside out. With a combination of result focus and life coaching, our trainings stand out from the crowd.

Together we can adapt our trainings to suit your specific needs. 

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