How to fill your glass of time

You have learned the principles of Holistic Time Management in the videos I have sent to you. This final video describes how it all fits together. How Holistic Time Management can help you fill your glass of time (your week) in the right order.

This last video will be very useful. It has been for the ones I have shared it with before.  

To not only understand the principles I have shared with you, but to also learn how to apply them in your life, take this final chance to benefit from the special offer with the Holistic Time Management online course and all the bonuses. 

Principle 4: How to fill your glass of time

Principle 4 explains how you can fill your glass of time in a way that is both sustainable and efficient

  • Plan time for your needs, your wants and all the things you could do. In that order. Then you will never run out of time for the things that really matter. 
  • With the categories of time in balance, you will have energy and passion to live the life you were meant to live.

4 Principles.

Master them to master your time.  

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I am sharing Principles of Holistic Time Management with you, to show you that there is more to time management than we are often led to believe.

With Holistic Time Management you will manage your time and your life in a way that suits you. 

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Holistic Time Management Online Course

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The Holistic Time Management Online Course is designed to help you manage your time and energy in a way that feels natural for you.   

It is a self- study program you can do from anywhere. 

Each module includes a video, a document, and exercises. 

Introduction video: What you can expect from the course

Module 1: You and your time.

Already in this first module you will go from feeling like a victim of circumstances to fully understanding that you have the time you need.

Module 2: Needs-time, Should-time, Waste-time and Want-time.

In this module we go deeper into your glass of time and you will learn how the different categories of time affect you.

Module 3: Increase your energy.

If you do not manage your energy you will not be able to manage your time. In this module you will initiate habits that will increase your energy.

Module 4: There are no shoulds.

In this module you will move away from letting life happen to you, and move towards a life that you lead. There are no shoulds. It’s all in your hands.

Module 5: Turn perceived shoulds into coulds.

With the business case concept taught in this module you will be able to take decisions without getting lost in emotions.

Module 6: Your 3 types of plans

In the final module you will apply what you have learned and create your 3 types of plans: Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Summary video: Time to celebrate your new relationship with Time!

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And the course is not all - these amazing bonuses are also included:

Bonus 1: Personal support from a Time Advisor

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To help you make sure this course changes your life, we include Personal Support in this offer to you!

You will be helped by a Time Advisor trained by Annika. This caring Time advisor will help you make the most of the Online Course.  

She will...

  • Answer any questions you may have about the course
  • Help you find time for learning by suggesting how you can fit the course into your everyday life. Don't worry about not finding the time. You will benefit from the learnings already after the first module or two!
  • Help you start your Timefinder Academy Trial
  • Have an online call with you after you have done all the modules. In this call you will talk about how to apply all you have learned to your specific situation. 
Value 200€  FREE

Bonus 2: Holistic Time Management Planner

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To help you immediately apply what you learn in this course, we will send the Holistic time Management Planner to you when you buy the online course!

The planner will be a great complement to any planning system you may have in place and it will help you with: 

  • Setting goals in areas that will make you feel successful and fulfilled (the WINE process)
  • Capturing ideas so you can off-load your brain and make room for more ideas
  • Your 3 plans; Daily, Weekly and Monthly
  • Your gratitude habit and your dreams
  • and much more!
Value: more than 20€! FREE

Bonus 3: A FREE month in the Timefinder Academy

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To help you stay on track with your new habits, get to know other Timefinders and evolve as a Time Master, you will be invited to the Timefinder Academy!

The Timefinder Academy includes:

  • Recorded webinars about Holistic Time Management. There is a filled knowledge vault at your fingertips!
  • Live Webinars where Annika and knowledgeable Guest Speakers help all members move forward in the Mastery of their time and life

The academy is a monthly subscription (stay as long or as short as you want) and this bonus includes one month for FREE

Value 40€ FREE

Bonus 4: Lifetime access to the closed Holistic Time Management Facebook group

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You are not alone!

By joining the closed Facebook group you will get to know others who are on the same journey as you are. 

In the Facebook group you will get inspired by others and get practical information about upcoming webinars as well as advice you can apply. 

This group is only for people who have bought any of the Holistic Time Management offers. 

You are very welcome to join this caring group!
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The value of the offer is 557€

Since you took the quiz you get the course and all the bonuses for 557 197€

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Clients who have found time

Semida profile
Semida: "I don't feel guilty anymore" Mother, teacher and translator
After the Holistic Time Management program I don't feel guilty anymore. I accept things more easily. I am more aware now of different categories of time and the fact that if I don't look after myself, my glass will be full of waste time and no energy. I want to appreciate Annika for her willingness to help beyond the business she runs. Annika is a " hero" because she helps people change their lives every day, become better and find happiness.
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Li Yen: "Annika helped me feel in control in this hectic world" Mother and MD
Annika is a great teacher and mentor. She is very patient and a great listener. She helped identify areas I could work on, gave me bite-size practical advice to work on and checked back on my progress. She helped me feel in control of my time in this hectic world. I highly recommend Annika and her time finder package!
Pauline profile picture
Pauline: "The course was the best time spent possibly in my life" Mother and Quality Manager
The program has helped me in so many ways, from the types of time to the business cases concept. I can prioritise better, I can say NO easily if I don't want to do something or if it's not a valuable use of my time. I think it was the most valuable time spent possibly in my life. I loved the course, thank you so much Annika.

If you are like me, or my clients, your time is priceless.

Many of my clients felt as if they were wasting their time before they met me. 

They don’t feel like that anymore. 

I hope you will let me help you use your time well. No more waste, no more mum-guilt!

Click the button below. 

You will receive a mail with login details to the Online course so you can start immediately.

We are looking forward to helping you!

If you have any questions whatsoever, just mail us at


You can also change your habits!

Evelien profile picture
Evelien: "I finally have gotten over my bad habit: procrastinating." Co-founder BioMonkie
I finally have gotten over my bad habit: procrastinating. I have gained more self esteem and now I can't wait to start my day! On time! And if I don't, I still feel confident that it's not all lost but that I will pick it up next time. The Timefinder is a kickstart for designing my future the way I believe God want's me to be and do. Thank you!!! Best investment I have done for a while.
Nereida profile image
Nereida; "I feel less overwhelmed, more balanced and in charge of my time." Waldorff teacher
I feel more balanced, and in charge of my time, and less overwhelmed. Thank you!! I love it !! Thank you for your hard work, commitment and dedication, you've been very inspiring!
Anne profile picture
Anne: "a richly empowering approach to addressing the many, often confusing and conflicting, demands of modern women" Auntie, Business owner and Coach with expertise in natural health
Annika has created a richly empowering approach to addressing the many, often confusing and conflicting, demands of modern women. I could not have imagined beforehand how Annika would have helped me unravel lifelong conflicts thus putting me in touch with the best of myself. With every session, she fully engaged her mastery in guiding me to see what I, myself, most highly value and break free from what I nebulously felt was expected of me. Then, she guided me to get on track and up to speed where I want to go and, most important, how I want to be in life. What liberation! Thank you, Annika.
Let's make this happen for you too! 


You can also fit in more activities!

Mandy profile image
Mandy: "This course helped me a lot" Mother, Graphic designer, illustrator and manager of Baby in Red.
I really want to share that this course helped me a lot and I really like how you lead people onto the right "path" instead of pushing or pulling them. I also find it very admiring how you can cope with so many different personalities.
Jyoti profile image
Jyoti: "I am now subconsciously managing my time" HR administration and stand-up comedian
I am now subconsciously managing my time which shows to me that the behaviour has become almost like second nature to me. I have been able to fit in more evening activities to progress my life outside of work and actually work on my hobbies to potentially develop them into another profession!
Debbie profile picture
Debbie: "This course was good value for money!" Mother and Hazard communication specialist
This program made me more focused and less emotional. I loved watching the videos, it was always with a good atmosphere. This course was good value for money!

You can also enjoy your relationships more!

Rani profile picture
Rani: "I feel I have a new lease of life." Mother and civil servant
The basic needs of sleep, eat and move had the biggest impact on me. I feel I have a new lease of life. I love how patient you are and you have a nice presence that has a massive positive impact on the people taking the course.
Helen profile picture
Helen: "The course had a very positive impact on my life" Product manager
Changes I have implemented as a result of this program have had a very positive impact on my life. The group discussions were a major asset to the program, learning from the experiences of others and including their practices in my life greatly helped with my time management skills and in turn increased my energy to enjoy more activities in my personal life improving my relationships which I am truly thankful for. I feel I am in control of my time, I am making conscious effort not to allow others eat my time, my skills at delegating have improved and I no longer feel guilty about it.
Elica profile
Elica: "Attending this course is the best decision I have made" Mother and Physiotherapist
I would say that the initial one to one call impressed me as it felt very personal. I could feel the care and Annika was amazing by quickly identifying the areas I struggle with as well as giving me feedback. The modules are presented in digestible size and very well explained. The key was the homework I needed to do, which gave me those aha moments. The group calls once a week was another aspect of the program that I enjoyed. Learning from other people’s insights and having the skillful coaching from Annika reaffirmed my initial thoughts. I’m able to manage my time, my energy and clearly identify what I need to do and what I can delegate. It is the best decision I have made- I felt supported and listened to.

You can also feel in control!

Jenni profile picture
Jenni: "I have time now, I no longer feel I chase my tail!" Mother, Marketing Consultant and Owner of The Equine Business Assistant
For the first time I am in control. It is a wonderful feeling actually. I am able to master my own time and not being pressured into others eating it! The program lead to mega changes. I have time now, I no longer feel I chase my tail!
Tajana profile picture
Tajana: "My life has changed significantly" Teacher and engineer
My life has changed significantly - looking back right now I don't really understand how I was even able to go about my life without any kind of plan or concept, just doing things willy-nilly as they came along :)) So my life has changed in the way that I have included much more activities in my daily routines. I'm not constantly unhappy because everything seems to be out of my control, I actually feel confident and safe, because I know what I'm doing now.
Nadia profile picture
Nadia: "This course made me happier." Mother and Research Scientist
I feel more like that I am in control of my time instead of feeling that time is controlling my life. Time is there, we just need to grab it. This course made me happier. For this I am very grateful.
Stop wasting your time. Start living the way you want.