Let’s fly to your Ikigai! 

Welcome to a webinar series in the Timefinder Academy. A series that will bring you to your Ikigai (your life’s purpose).

Let's fly to your Ikigai

An introduction to the concept and the webinar series

Let's do this together

Step by step

Finding your life’s purpose may sound fuzzy and vague.

Don’t worry,  part of my Ikigai is to set and achieve goals and help others do the same, so we will demystify and find your purpose and get there together. 

In concrete steps inspired by the concepts in  Gay Hendrick’s best selling book: The big leap we will

  • Move out of our zone of incompetence (frustration)
  • Move out of our zone of competence  (boredom)
  • Understand the temptation and dangers of being stuck in the zone of excellence (comfort)
  • Find and fly to our zone of genius / our ikigai.

As a participant you will not only learn, you will take action and move forward in each webinar, benefiting from group coaching and support from others. 

We will start in August and it would be great to have you there!

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Let's fly to your Ikigai!

Fly to your Ikigai 4 zones

About Annika

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Annika Rosendahl is a Storyteller, a Speaker and a Timefinder. 

Her company Annikaslol helps working mums love their lives by managing their time. 

Annika has 20+ years of experience as a leader in the corporate world; she is a published author and a mother of 3 lovely children. Her credentials include Master of Science in Electrotechnical Engineering, Project Management Professional and Robbins-Madanes trained Life coach. 

She is a Creative, Caring, Closer, combining her analytical- and people skills with a strong ability to “get things done”. 

Annika’s clients don’t only learn how to manage their time. They also become happier. 

With her work in Annikaslol, Annika wants to make the world a kinder and more understanding place. A place where people enjoy the lives they live.