Holistic Time Management Online Course

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The Holistic Time Management Online Course is designed to help you manage your time and energy in a way that feels natural for you.   

It is a self- study program you can do from anywhere. 

Each module includes a video, a document, and exercises. 

Introduction: What you can expect from the course
Module 1: You and your time.

Already in this first module you will go from feeling like a victim of circumstances to fully understanding that you have the time you need.

Module 2: Needs-time, Should-time, Waste-time and Want-time.

In this module we go deeper into your glass of time and you will learn how the different categories of time affect you.

Module 3: Increase your energy.

If you do not manage your energy you will not be able to manage your time. In this module you will initiate habits that will increase your energy.

Module 4: There are no shoulds.

In this module you will move away from letting life happen to you, and move towards a life that you lead. There are no shoulds. It’s all in your hands.

Module 5: Turn perceived shoulds into coulds.

With the business case concept taught in this module you will be able to take decisions without getting lost in emotions.

Module 6: Your 3 types of plans

In the final module you will apply what you have learned and create your 3 types of plans: Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Summary video: Time to celebrate your new relationship with Time!

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